Bajer Underground Core Values



We help our clients win jobs.

Regardless of the project, Bajer Underground can help deliver on-time and under budget. We have worked in the largest earthwork operations on earth, and we have the ability to deliver very efficient and safe operations. The crews run extremely lean and are staffed with personnel that are trained in efficiency and safety.

Whether it is GPS driven equipment or state of the art software, we take full advantage of the latest advancements in the field of earthworks. This mindset allows us to create contours that are closer to the plan and avoid mistakes and setbacks along the way.


We win when our customers win.

We believe that the last thing clients want to deal with is a contractor that is difficult to work with. However, all to often companies that are used to working in the public domain have difficulty adjusting to private sector clients. We strive to be flexible and adjust to the procedures and culture that our customers have in place and we know that we win when our customers win.

We are fair and honest with our clients and believe that they will be fair and honest back.


Builders, Homeowners, and Developers.

Bajer Underground does quality work and helps to build structures that are comfortable and will stand the test of time. We can assist with underground utilities, Sitework, Earthworks, Demolition, Erosion Controls and anything else our clients need. We take our experience working on Commercial and industrial projects and apply the same speed and competency to residential development projects.

A quality buildings starts below the surface.

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